Embracing My Shadow: Self Discovery Workshop

08 Oct 2023
9:30 am to 11:00 am
Adults (21 Yrs+)
Event type
In-Person Workshop

Dates: Sunday, 08 October 2023

Timings: 09:30am- 11:00am

Investment: AED 495 + 5% VAT = AED 519.75


If you’ve ever found yourself snapping at someone for no apparent reason, felt an intense jealousy seeing someone else succeed, or suddenly doubted your worth when comparing yourself to others, these are just some of the ways your Shadow is at play. We all have a Shadow, and through triggers, reactions, and other behaviors that seem inconsistent with our values, the Shadow reveals itself in everyday life. The Shadow represents the unconscious parts of ourselves that are repressed or denied due to our upbringing and social expectations. By learning about your Shadow and embracing these hidden aspects, you can transform inner conflicts, heal past wounds, and cultivate a deeper connection with your true self. This, in turn, enables you to gain greater self-awareness and live from a place of personal power and authenticity.


• Are interested in the concept of the Shadow.

• Wish to encounter hidden parts of themselves with understanding and compassion.

• Want to embrace and reconcile parts of themselves they previously rejected or felt embarrassed about.

• Seek a deeper level of self-awareness and want practical tools to navigate complex emotions.

• Desire a more authentic life, free from the limitations of suppressed emotions and traits.

Facilitated by

Juan Van Wyk

Juan Van Wyk

Clinical Psychologist