Mental Health Professional Licensing in Dubai

We recently offered a Free community webinar to shine a light on the licensing process and the steps you need to take as a mental health clinician, looking to work in Dubai and get licensed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and/or Community Development Authority (CDA).
23 May 2022

Why Time Management Equals Stress Management

Time has become one of the most important commodities. We’ve all said it some or other time… ‘If only there were more hours in the day’. What is the relationship we hold with time? We may tend to over- or underestimate how much time we have.
09 Sep 2022

The 'I don't have time for me' Story

Dr Robert Chandler, Clinical Psychologist and Corporate & Workplace Services Director with The LightHouse Arabia explores the power of narratives.
19 Sep 2022

Creativity: Looking at the World Differently

Creativity is about looking at others and the world and not seeing that which our upbringing, schooling and culture has taught us to see
19 Aug 2022

Why Perfectionism is a Double-Edged Sword

Dr Daniela Salazar, Clinical Psychologist and Education Director at The LightHouse Arabia, discusses why perfect can be the enemy of good for our mental health.
12 Aug 2022

A Psychological Perspective in High Stakes Career Decision Making

At some point, we will all have to make a major ‘high stakes’ decision relating to our careers. Many of the clients I support are in the process of doing just that
17 Aug 2022

5 Ways that Physical Health Positively Impacts Wellbeing

There is now a wealth of research that shows that exercise can be equally or even more effective than some medications for treating depression and anxiety, as well as helping with attention span and learning.
12 Jul 2022

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