The modern corporate world brings unique challenges to everyone from managing directors to team members. The constant pressure to get more done faster, the expectation that employees be ‘on-call’ and never fully disconnect from work, and the increasing habit of relying on electronic communication instead of face-to-face interactions – which may be less efficient but more essential to our basic need for human connection and our mental and emotional wellbeing.

From counseling for team building to therapy for a traumatised employee, or training to take your team to the next level, we are here to help.


Supporting wellbeing and performance in the workplace:

We are facilitators of personal transformations that result in healthier, better functioning, and more satisfied employees, who are in greater synergy with their organizations.

The LightHouse Arabia draws on world-class clinical and consulting skills and configure a unique mix of corporate and workplace services into customized well-being programs that help individuals and organizations from any professional background transcend the stresses and strains of working life to become the best and happiest versions of themselves.

Our Corporate and Workplace Services

Capability Building

  • Expert talks and seminars on a wide range of mental health and psychology topics, especially relevant to the workplace
  • Skill-building workshops

Functional Support

  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)
  • Mental Health First Aid Certification
  • Emotional Wellbeing Check-ups

Individual Counseling

Counseling targeted to the individual’s unique needs, from deep transformational work to performance enhancement

Customized Corporate Resilience Building Programs

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A company’s objective is to ensure that their team is able to weather the stresses
and other psychological challenges of their demanding roles, and to sustain high
productivity and performance levels.

The LightHouse Arabia offers a host of tailored products and evidence-based programs that
help workplaces build resilience amongst their teams. This includes:

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Certification Training
  • Mental Health Champion Course
  • Mental Health Advocate Course
  • Mental Health First Aid Support Sessions
  • Emotional Wellbeing Check-Ups
  • Employee Assistance Counseling (Individual Counseling)
  • Mental Health and Wellness Seminars and Skill-Building Workshops
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD): This is a crisis response service
  • Critical Incident Briefing: This is a crisis response service

To speak to our team on how we can best support your organization, please contact us on. E. or T. +971 (0)4 380 2088.

Mental Health First Aid Certification Programs

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The LightHouse Arabia is committed to improving Mental Health Literacy (MHL) in organizations through: 

  • Delivery and instruction of evidence-based information and intervention techniques.
  • Tailoring the delivery to the organization’s unique context and needs.
  • Using effective role plays and to construct workplace-specific scenarios for practice.
  • Our advanced cultural competence and deep understanding of the realities of living and working in Dubai – with the specific challenges and opportunities this creates. 

We offer the following Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Certification Trainings for organizations:

  • Adult-to-Adult MHFA training course: a 10-hour online training designed for Adults wanting to learn how to understand, identify, and respond to mental health concerns in other Adults.
  • Adult-to-Adolescent MHFA training course: a 10-hour online training designed for Adults wanting to learn how to understand, identify, and respond to mental health concerns in Adolescents. This course is designed for those who are working, living or interacting with young people.

    To learn more and book a private training for your organization, please contact for further information. 

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)

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A traumatic event in the workplace such as a death, natural disaster or violent crime can trigger lasting psychological effects in even the most level-headed of employees.

We offer Critical Incident Stress Debriefing sessions, a technique designed to assist your staff in dealing with the physical or psychological symptoms that are generally associated with trauma exposure. Our trained therapists can then offer the appropriate therapy to guide your teams and individuals through the difficulty and stress of any critical event or disaster.

Transformational Executive Coaching

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We provide transformational coaching for executives from leading international and UAE-based companies. We are different from performance coaches – we not only give you the tools to develop yourself, we also address the underlying issues that can hinder your success. Our world needs leaders who understand themselves, have emotional intelligence, and can use their power without force. We will help you to be just that.

Diversity Training

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Cultural diversity is commonplace in business today, and Dubai is no exception. But do you have an inclusive workplace where every employee is valued and respected?

Our therapists can give your employees the knowledge and skills to accept and celebrate cultural and ethnic differences in work – everything needed to help build healthier working relationships, eliminate bullying and increase productivity.

Recruitment Assessments

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It’s important to place the right person in the right role, and making a poor choice in hiring can have consequences that last for years. Our recruitment assessments test a candidate’s personality and IQ to score their suitability for the job.

The result? We can help you shortlist and select the right candidate earlier in the recruitment process so you won’t waste time trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

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