School Counselors: Addressing the Distressing Current Events within Schools

24 Oct 2023
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Adults (21 Yrs+)
Event type
In-person Seminar

Addressing the distressing current events within schools is a critical role for school counselors.

When world events permeate the school environment, they can create a climate of anxiety, confusion, or fear among students. School counselors are uniquely positioned to provide support and guidance to students and the school community.

You will learn:

• What trauma is, and the types of trauma responses triggered by current events

• The role of social media in amplifying collective & secondary trauma

• Recognizing trauma reactions in students

• Addressing distressing events as a school and in the classroom

• Strategies for school counselors

• Teaching conscious and responsible social media use

Facilitated by

Dr. Saliha Afridi

Dr. Saliha Afridi

Clinical Psychologist