International Women's Day 2024 (Special Webinar)

06 Mar 2024
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Adults (18 Yrs+)
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International Women's Day 2024: Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress

Please join us for this special community webinar (45 min webinar followed by 15-mins for Q&A and discussion).

Over a century has passed since the inaugural International Women’s Day in 1911, yet the journey towards gender equality remains unfinished. Daily, women continue to navigate gender-based expectations and biases in both professional settings and broader societal contexts. Surveys reveal that 90% of people, irrespective of gender, harbor biases against women. These prejudices range from stereotyping women as overly emotional or domineering, to pigeonholing them into caregiving roles while deeming them unsuitable for leadership positions. Such pervasive attitudes hinder women from realizing their full potential across various life spheres. To genuinely invest in women’s advancement, it’s imperative to confront these biases directly and foster environments conducive to their success, both in their careers and personal lives.


  • What it is like to be a woman (expectations, barriers, and biases)
  • Women’s mental health
  • Understanding gender inequity and gender bias
  • How to confront gender bias and support women
  • Practical tips for women to journey towards wholeness and wellness

Date: Wednesday, 6th March, 2024

Time: 12pm - 1pm

*Time zone: Kindly note, the timings of this event are Gulf Standard Time (GST). 

Suitable for : Adults 18 yrs+

This is an online webinar. A Zoom link will be shared following event registration.


Dr. Saliha Afridi is a clinical psychologist, and the Founder and Chairwoman of The LightHouse Arabia. She is a leading mental health and wellness expert with over 15 years of experience in clinical practice and public speaking. Dr. Afridi is a sought-after speaker and is known for her compassionate and engaging approach, and her ability to translate complex scientific concepts into accessible language. She is dedicated to advancing the field of mental health through her clinical work and advocacy efforts, and her commitment to improving access to care for all individuals.

Facilitated by

Dr. Saliha Afridi

Dr. Saliha Afridi

Clinical Psychologist