Mental Health First Aid

What is it?

Mental Health First Aid is an international evidence-based training that is the equivalent to physical first-aid training but for mental health.

The LightHouse Arabia is the only accredited provider of Mental Health First Aid in the UAE. The central aim is to improve the Mental Health Literacy (MHL) of individuals and organizations, defined as the ability to be sensitively aware and respond with skill to people experiencing mental and emotional challenges, and facilitate appropriate action.

Please see below to learn more about the trainings and support we offer.

Understand. Identify. Respond.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) equips individuals and organizations with the skills to identify and assist someone who is developing a mental health challenge or is experiencing a mental health crisis such as panic attacks, bouts of depression, difficulties with expatriate adjustment or the after-effects of trauma or bereavement.

Just as with physical first aid, in all situations the goal is to provide support until appropriate professional help arrives.

MHFA trainings & services 

Kindly note, all of our trainings and MHFA services currently take place online. 

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For Adults: Trainings & services

  • Adult-to-Adult MHFA training course: a 10-hour online training designed for Adults wanting to learn how to understand, identify, and respond to mental health concerns in other Adults.
    View course outline here

  • Adult-to-Adolescent MHFA training course: a 10-hour online training designed for Adults wanting to learn how to understand, identify, and respond to mental health concerns in Adolescents. This course is designed for those who are working, living or interacting with young people.
    View course outline here

  • Refresher course: a 4-hour online course to update and refresh your knowledge, skills, and confidence to identify, understand, and respond to friends, family, or a colleague who may be struggling with their mental health or a mental health crisis. Suitable for anyone who took the Adult-to-Adult or Adult-to-Adolescent MHFA training courses three (3) years earlier. Those completing the Refresher course will have their accreditation extended an additional three (3) years. 
    View course outline here

  • MHFA Informational Session: Learn more about what Mental Health First Aid is all about. Taking place monthly, this 30-minute session includes an overview and Q&A segment. Suitable for Adults (18 yrs+). 
    View oveview here

  • MHFA Support Session: Running monthly, this 1-hour support session is for Adults (18 yrs+), who have taken the accredited Adult-to-Adult Mental Health First Aid training or the Adult-to-Adolescent Mental Health First Aid training through The LightHouse Arabia.
    View overview here

For Teens: Trainings & services

  • Teen-to-Teen MHFA training course: a 4.5 hour online training that qualifies teens ages 13 to 18 to respond to another teen who may be struggling with their mental health. We offer two age groups for this training: 13-15 years old and 16-18 years old.  
    View course outline here

  • Teen MHFA Support Session: Running monthly, this 1-hour support session is for Teens (13 - 18 yrs), who have taken the Teen Mental Health First Aid training course with The LightHouse Arabia. 
    View overview here

MHFA Brochures & FAQ Sheets

MHFA in the Workplace

We are committed to improving Mental Health Literacy (MHL) in organizations through:

  • Delivery and instruction of evidence-based information and intervention techniques.

  • Tailoring the delivery to the organization’s unique context and needs.

  • Using effective role plays and to construct workplace-specific scenarios for practice.

  • Our advanced cultural competence and deep understanding of the realities of living and working in Dubai – with the specific challenges and opportunities this creates.

To learn more and book a private training for your organization, please contact for further information.

Helpful Resources for the Workplace

Why Mental Health First Aid?

In their own words

The MHFA course has been a wonderful opportunity to learn new things, brush up on existing knowledge and also make new friends. I am delighted that The LightHouse made this course available in the UAE, where the important topic of mental health is becoming more and more popular. The course facilitators were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very supportive. The atmosphere was always relaxed and the course materials were of high quality and very useful. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, regardless of their personal or professional background.

Elena Aldridge

Director of Positive Education, GEMS WORLD ACADEMY - DUBAI

The UAE is a new country and needs community work to address mental illness. Thank you, The LightHouse Arabia for bringing qualified professionals who are creating an amazing program to educate this part of the world about mental health.

The delivery of the course was clear and concise. I would definitely recommend taking the Mental Health First Aid training.

College student

34 years old, Zimbabwean

I would encourage every individual to do this course for themselves, their loved ones, family, and society. Cheers to Mental Health!

Medical student

29 years old, Canadian

I believe the Mental Health First Aid program should be taken by everyone in society. It teaches you how to become an empathetic and caring human being. The course was informative, engaging, and easy to follow. I highly recommend this course!


22 years old, Bahraini

With 1 in 4 people predicted to suffer from some form of mental health issue during their lifetime, this course has helped me to understand more about the issues and conditions that surround it. Alongside, they have taught me the key basic skills to help others who may be suffering themselves. I highly recommend anyone who may have suffered themselves or know others who suffer to take the course as an essential tool for life.

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