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Why work here

We have an exciting and far-reaching vision for transforming mental health in the region and beyond, anchored in exemplary client service, unmatched professional development and deep community involvement.

Just as a lighthouse is a symbol of safe harbour and guidance through the most fearsome of storms, our aim is to make The LightHouse Arabia the destination of choice for clients and clinicians seeking to grow and thrive in the face of any internal or external challenges.


Hear from our Team

Unmatched professionalism, world-class opportunities for personal and professional growth, and creating significant impact driven by a shared mission. Learn what has inspired and guided our valued team members to choose us, and how they have found their home at The LightHouse Arabia. To discover a full range of team member stories, please visit our YouTube channel and check back regularly for updates. 

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To apply

Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors, and Psychiatrists can send their CV to:

You can also learn more and apply via our LinkedIn Careers page.

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The LightHouse Way

Exemplary Client Service

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The service approach of The LightHouse Arabia is structured around a transformative and holistic well-being model and a collaborative clinician-client relationship. Our goal for every client is to achieve wholeness and as such, the best of The LightHouse Arabia is brought to every client situation, directly through multi-disciplinary services and indirectly through regular peer-review of cases.

We operate with clearly defined policies and procedures that reflect our world-class standards, ethics and professional values.

And we maintain a continuous-learning mindset, tracking, reviewing, and improving service quality through ongoing research and innovation.

Unmatched Professional Development

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Clinicians have plenty of opportunity to advance and deepen their knowledge organically as well as with extensive access to further education subsidies and grants.

The LightHouse Arabia has developed a supportive peer-mentorship system to ensure that every team member is able to continuously grow, both professionally and emotionally. We believe that collaborative learning is a pivotal part of our growth and we have regular, structured opportunities to interact and discuss cases one-on-one and as a team.

Regular seminars by in-house and visiting experts are also organised to further expand clinician skills, focused around a wide-range of topics that are relevant to our practice and the region. 

Clinicians are expected to complete 45 CEUs every year. Those should be evenly spaced throughout the year and must also cover ethics-related topics. Each clinician will receive up to $1,500 towards fulfilling these requirements.

To deliver on our triple mission, our clinicians have broader job descriptions than they would elsewhere. Alongside a clinician’s core client-service role, our clinicians are also expected to drive continuous client service and experience improvement innovations. As participants in a peer-mentorship system, they will often play the role of supervisor, reviewer, and thought-partner for their colleagues. Additionally, we work as a team to provide public education, skill building and advocacy, through talks and workshops, media appearances and writing. These are highly positive and transformational experiences that broaden and deepen our clinicians’ skill set.

Deep Community Impact

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The LightHouse Arabia has a triple mission of serving clients, colleagues and the entire community.

We believe it is our duty to share our knowledge intentionally and unreservedly so that we may cultivate positive change in as many lives as possible. Love is a great transformer and our passion is apparent in our core mission and all of our community activities.

We commit significant resources to key areas including support groups, public forums, school programs and media engagement. We also house the Raymee Grief Center, a not-for-profit initiative we established to offer free grief-support services.

Current Vacancies

Clinical Psychologists

Dubai, UAE

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Counseling Psychologists

Dubai, UAE

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Eating Disorder Psychologists

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Team Testimonials

Working with such a diverse & multi-skilled team at The LightHouse has been an invaluable experience. I have never felt as inspired and supported as I do within my work environment, to grow in a professional and personal capacity, and pursue my passions simultaneously.

Dr. Saliha Afridi

Clinical Psychologist

The LightHouse Arabia is more than a center for wellbeing, it is a haven where many begin their healing journeys & truly discover their light. Working at The LightHouse and it has been a life-changing experience for me, one which has significantly changed the trajectory of my life. I have undergone exponential growth, in a personal and professional capacity and I feel blessed with the countless learning opportunities which I encounter on a daily basis in my role. Apart from the opportunities, it’s the beautiful souls which I have the privilege of working with, and learning from, that makes my work at The LightHouse the meaningful experience that it is.

Christine Kritzas


It's a pleasure to be part of such a multi-faceted and professional team. The LightHouse offers a wide range of services for individuals, families, children and for the community. It provides so much for individuals, couples, children and families – from sessions to workshops and events focused on topics across psychology for personal and family development. I can only recommend it.