Women's Mental Health

What is it?

The LightHouse Arabia Women’s Mental Health Service (WMHS) delivers comprehensive psychological, psychiatric, counseling, and coaching services to women of all ages and for the entire range of mental health difficulties.

Who is it for?

One in five women (19%) experience a common mental health condition (such as anxiety or depression), compared with one in eight (12%) men. We know that certain experiences are likely to impact women’s mental health which are unique to being a woman. For example, premenstrual syndrome (PMS)/ premenstrual dysphoria disorder (PMDD), pregnancy, birth trauma, the postpartum period, premenopause/menopause and various gynaecological problems (like vaginismus, women’s cancers, etc). Similarly, we know that certain experiences are more common to women, like taking on high caregiving responsibilities in a family, as well as experiencing sexual violence and domestic violence.

Our aim is to offer our specialist knowledge to the women of our community in order to best serve their wellbeing and to support in actualising their hopes and potential for their lives.


Issues we support with:

  • Prenatal mental health

  • Postnatal mental health 

  • Maternal mental health 

  • Infertility/IVF

  • Miscarriage 

  • Infant loss

  • Birth trauma / Fear of giving birth

  • Women’s cancers

  • Gynaecological issues (PCOS, endometriosis, polyps, etc.)

  • Perimenopause

  • Menopause

  • PMS / PMDD

  • Cycle syncing

  • Caregiver burnout

  • Working women/mothers

  • Sexual trauma/violence

  • Domestic violence

Therapies and Services

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