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The LightHouse Arabia is honored to provide a wide array of support groups across a range of topics and issues relevant to different life stages and situations. All of our support groups are free-of-charge. At present, the majority of our support groups are hosted online via Zoom, while some take place in-person at The LightHouse Arabia. 

Support groups are an alternative vehicle of support for people in distress by linking people with similar issues. They have the potential to improve the access and delivery of support to a wide range of people, including some who would not seek face-to-face support at all.


We are honored to also host Grief support groups for the community through the Raymee Grief Center, which has its home at The LightHouse Arabia. We believe that no one should ever have to grieve alone. 


To view our monthly calendar and register for a support group, please visit our Events page on the website. 

Our support groups include:

Conscious Parenting support group

This support group is a space for parents of children ages 6 - 11 years to discuss the challenges and stressors they face in raising their children. In a time where advice on how to manage challenges like screen time, sleep, friendships, and big emotions can be varied, parents will be able to share their dilemmas, as well as hear from other parents about things that have or haven’t worked for them.

Suitable for: Parents 

Expats in the UAE Social Support

This new monthly support group is open to all adult expats living in Dubai and the UAE at large. It offers a safe and supportive space to come together to discuss the joys, the challenges, and everything in between that can arise when living as an expatriate in the UAE.

Suitable for: Adults, 21 yrs+

Coping with Cancer

Connecting those who are currently or have been caregivers for those directly impacted by cancer, this support group is a place to receive and provide emotional support and share information. It is also a place to share in the lighter moments, laugh and reconnect with ourselves.

Suitable for: Adults, 18 yrs+

IVF & Infertility

In partnership with IVF Support UAE, this is an online group for women coming together, to support other women to understand the impact of IVF and infertility on personal wellbeing. The LightHouse Arabia is committed to reducing the stigma and shame around infertility. We seek to provide support, understanding and a non-judgmental environment for everyone.

Suitable for: Women, 21 yrs+

Heartbreak support group

For men and women (21+ yrs), who have recently experienced the breakdown or end of a committed romantic relationship. This group aims to provide a safe space to share, connect, seek support and explore the challenges being faced.

Suitable for: Women, 21 yrs+

Life After Divorce

Reclaim, rebuild and thrive. This is a safe space to share challenges faced when dealing with divorce, to learn evidence-based strategies in coping with stressors, and have experiences normalized through the power of sharing.

Suitable for: Women, 21 yrs+

Single Parents

A support group designed to provide a safe space single parents to share the daily challenges they face in single-parenting, have personal experiences normalized through the power of sharing, be equipped with evidence-based strategies in dealing with their stressors, and feel a sense of containment and support with what they are experiencing at present, while meeting other single parents.

Suitable for: Parents

University Stress Support Group

Are you a first-year university student looking to better manage the stress of academics and personal life? If you find yourself feeling worried or stuck, the monthly University Stress Support Group is a safe and confidential space to explore your experience and learn from people having similar experiences..

Suitable for: Students, 18 yrs+; Currently enrolled first-year university students who are experiencing university-related stress.

Autism support group for Parents

This group provides a safe, confidential and relaxed setting online for parents of children with Autism (ages 5 - 18 years old). It is a space for parents to come together and share experiences, while offering support to one another.

Suitable for: Parents

Adults with Autism (ASD)/Asperger's

This group provides a safe, confidential and relaxed setting online for adults with ASD/Asperger’s to share their thoughts and feelings, and/or ask for feedback, information, and support from each other.

Suitable for: Adults, 21 yrs+

Men's Mental Health

Listen, Share, Heal.
This support group aims to provide a safe space and a judgement-free environment for men to meet, open up, talk, and listen. We recognize that taking the first step is often the most difficult. Our group is designed to be free of pressure and there is no obligation to speak because, we believe, sometimes simply listening can help.

Suitable for: Men, 18 yrs+

Transitioning Through Menopause

Approximately 50% of the world’s population are women, and we spend one-third of our life in a space of menopause. The transition to menopause (called perimenopause), and the changes that occur are real and impact us all - in the body and the mind, with strong connections to hormones and how we think, feel and respond. This group provides a safe space to normalize and explore the physical and emotional changes you may be experiencing, and to help navigate the transition together, for what can also be an incredible time in a woman’s life.

Suitable for: Women in perimenopause
or menopause

*For Grief support groups, a one-time free-of-cost 50-minute Grief Consultation will be required prior to joining a group. for the group. To schedule one, please call us on T. (0)4 380 2088.

You may learn more about our Grief support groups on our Raymee Grief Center page. 

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