Emotional Wellbeing Check-up

What is it?

The LightHouse Arabia Emotional Wellbeing Check-up (EWC) is a quick and easy way to get an expert opinion on your wellbeing. Check-ups identify risk factors in an individual’s circumstances or current lifestyle that may be negatively impacting their wellbeing.

Just like physical health check-ups are an essential part of any self-care program, an EWC can help ensure that you are not overlooking any issues that might be impacting your mental health and your overall wellbeing, since the mind and body are so interlinked. It can assist in highlighting conditions such as depression or anxiety, which are treatable.

Individuals will receive an assessment form to complete in advance of the EWC. During the Check-up, the clinician and client will discuss issues and challenges that were highlighted on the form. The clinician will then make recommendations about further support options. This can range from therapy to lifestyle changes, to recommended resources (I.e. TLA support groups, websites, reaching materials, etc.).

Who needs it?

The Emotional Wellbeing Check-Up may be especially helpful if:

  • You are meeting all the demands of your life but not necessarily living well

  • You feel you are just going through the motions, without a strong connection to purpose or the people around you

  • You believe you have everything you need in life but don’t feel content or fulfilled

  • You have tried many different things to help the way you feel but don’t see any change

  • You are feeling emotionally unwell and this is negatively impacting your life and you are not sure what to do about this

  • You have experienced a stressful/difficult life event or have a history of mental health difficulties and would like a check up to determine how you are doing

  • You are considering consulting a psychologist but feel uncertain about what this experience would be like for you

Therapies and Outcomes

By booking your Emotional Wellbeing Check-Up and meeting with our clinicians one-on- one to discuss your specific situation, you will get feedback on:

  • Your rating for different emotional wellbeing indicators

  • Risk factors that you should be aware of

  • Options to improve and safeguard your emotional wellbeing and health


The fee for a 30-minute Emotional Wellbeing Check-Up is AED 600.

Kindly note, Clients only attending an Emotional Wellbeing Check-Up will not be given a diagnosis. This service is not typically reimbursed by insurance.


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