What to Expect

We work with you to prepare you for a day when you don’t need us. No matter where you are on your path to change, our goal is help you feel grounded, empowered, self-aware and strong enough to live a life you love.

The LightHouse Arabia is an out-patient facility. While we are not a crisis response center, we do our best to respond as soon as possible.

It is important to know that not all clinicians work with all clinical issues. All clients can expect to be matched with a clincian at The LightHouse Arabia based on their expertise, skill and competency.

Contact Us

We know that taking the first step and making the call can be difficult. Please feel reassured in knowing that we are here for you, and to make your experience as smooth as possible. Once your first appointment has been scheduled, you will receive an email from us with everything you need to know. This will include all documents that will needed to be completed and returned in advance, from how best to prepare, and to our location. We encourage you to take some time before your first appointment to reflect on your difficulties and write them down.

The First Appointment

This first appointment is an opportunity to consider the rapport you have with the clinician. Therapy is a very human process, and it’s important that you feel at ease and comfortable with the therapist. We are confident that you will find your experience safe and reassuring, but if you have any reservations about working with your therapist, please voice these at your first or second appointment. If the issue cannot be resolved, you can ask to be referred to another therapist within the clinic. If you both agree to work together, your journey towards wellbeing begins.

Diagnostic Intake

During the initial appointment, your clinician will do a thorough diagnostic intake. They will gather information regarding your difficulties and your past and present life, and also assess your strengths. The diagnostic intake can take up to two sessions.

Your Treatment Plan

After the diagnostic intake, your counsellor/psychologist will discuss your treatment plan with you; this includes the treatment modality best suited for your needs and the recommended number of sessions.

Everybody Struggles, Sometimes



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