Intensive Journeys

What is it?

Intensive Journeys (also known as 'Soul work'), is the process of turning your attention inwards, in order to deepen insight and awareness, while re-discovering and re-membering the aspects, experiences, and make up of your inner world. It involves the developmental task of individuation and maturation towards becoming a more conscious, differentiated and integrated person.  Through this work, the aim is to re-connect and embody your true, essential Self - in order to gain clarity, live with a sense of greater intention or purpose, and experience life more wholly and fully.


Who is it for?

Most of us are following specific dreams or goals in the pursuit of happiness or a fulfilled life. Many of us become disillusioned by the reality thereof, not being as fulfilling or satisfying as we anticipated it to be. That might cause us to question and re- evaluate our views and beliefs about ourselves, others and life. We often refer to it as the midlife passage or the transitional phase into the second half of life. These services are for individuals who experience some of the following:

  • A longing for deeper meaning in life.

  • A search for clarity about their calling or purpose.

  • Disillusionment with the goals they have pursued in life.

  • Feeling a sense of disconnection or misalignment in the life they are living and who they know or feel themselves to be.

  • Being at a crossroad in life and experiencing uncertainty about the direction to take.

  • A new-found awareness of their inner world and the desire to explore it more.

Individual Journeys of Self-Discovery

Individual Journey of Self-Discovery (3 hrs)

A three hour one-on-one session with a clinical psychologist as your experienced facilitator to help you explore your life story in a reflective and practical way. Through this extended individual session, the aim is to facilitate deeper insight and awareness of your inner world and how it impacts your experience of life, in the present. 

Through this extended individual process you will take home a timeline of your life’s story which you will develop during the session. This will include identifying formative experiences, individual influences and the subsequent cognitive and behaviour patterns that you developed. This will facilitate deeper self-awareness and the development of a coherent narrative about your life experiences.

On completion of the three hour individual journey you might have the need to explore your timeline on an even deeper level for which you might book another three hour session, initiate individual therapy or consider the full day individual journey. All required materials will be provided.

Clients will walk away with:

  • Knowledge of how the brain and nervous system works with regard to patterns and triggers 
  • Grounding and self-soothing skills (emotion regulation skills) 
  • A developing understanding of patterns and triggers 
  • Tools and a model for managing triggers 
  • Self-compassion tools

Individual Journey of Self-Discovery (full day; 8 hrs)

This full day one-on-one session is an opportunity for you to embark on a journey inwards and explore the patterns, parts and complexes that form part of your inner world. Guided by an experienced clinical psychologist, you will be able to reflect and process these aspects, which will provide for deeper insight and integration - allowing you to engage with life more consciously and intentionally. 

A full day intensive journey includes the construction of a timeline of your   life’s story, identifying formative experiences, individual influences and the subsequent cognitive and behaviour patterns that you developed. It further involves the identification of complexes, disowned parts and the development of integral parts of your personality. This full day intensive journey also assists clients in gaining a sense or affirmation on their sense of purpose. 

Having the full day allows for time to step back from the story and also process the impact of unconscious material coming into your awareness as well as somatic experiences surfacing using different therapeutic interventions.

All required materials will be provided.

Group Journeys of Self-Discovery

In-counter: A Journey Inwards Towards Reconnecting with Your Intuition (2.5 hrs)

Incounter is the beginning of a journey inwards; a voyage of self-discovery, that you will embark on to reconnect with yourself. On this journey, you will witness and meet different parts of yourself; the parts of you that have held you back, the parts that self-sabotage, and the parts that no longer serve you. 

You will also connect with the parts of you that inspire you, that liberate you, and lead you to a fulfilling life. 

As you continue on this journey independently, you will find that the more connected you are to yourself, the more you will stand in your authentic self, live from a place of creativity and inspiration, and make empowered decisions in your life and in your relationships. 

Through the Incounter group, you will learn to make space for, and develop, an increased awareness of your inner landscape of thoughts, images, emotions and sensations – along with a clearer sense of how to navigate them. This will be explored through a range of facilitated methods and techniques that will help you expand your self-awareness and strengthen your connection to your intuition.

The Incounter group is for individuals (Adults, ages 21 yrs+), who are interested in:

  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Building self-trust
  • Connecting deeper to their intuition
  • Liberation from fear and resistance
  • Enhancing their connection to self and others
  • Reconciling spiritual awarenesses with everyday life

Frequency of Group: This group runs monthly on a Sunday from 9am - 11.30am in-person at The LightHouse Arabia. Please refer to our Event Calendar for dates and to register, or contact us at:

Alchemy of Art: Guided Drawing Group Process (2.5 hrs)

Kindly note, participants must be 25+ years old and not experiencing acute trauma symptoms. This process does not involve making art and no artistic skill is required. Different art mediums will be provided, and you may take your creations home or leave with us.

Many of us often struggle to understand our feelings with our minds or to express them with words. Our emotional experiences might be too complex or overwhelming for us to examine or shift, and we may need a different process to approach this potentially daunting task.

In this group, you will be supported to express yourself in a safe and contained way through guided drawing experiences. You will be provided with an opportunity to spontaneously and organically:

  • Increase your capacity for feelings and for meeting those feelings with acceptance and compassion.
  • Enhance your self awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Increase understanding of your own inner world.
  • Learning safe and containing ways for soothing difficult emotions.
  • Make shifts in your limiting beliefs.

Frequency of Group: This group runs monthly on a Sunday from 9am - 11.30am in-person at The LightHouse Arabia. Please refer to our Event Calendar for dates and to register, or contact us at:

Benefits of a Group experience: 

The power of a group experience can make us feel more connected to ourselves, others, and the world around us. Individuals participating in group journeys experience benefits from shared experiences alongside others, while gaining insights and greater understanding of oneself, in a safe and supportive setting.

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