Postnatal Mental Health Support Group

10 Oct 2021
12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
Adults (21 Yrs+)
Event type
Support Groups

For mothers who have recently given birth and are experiencing emotional difficulties such a sadness, anxiety, loneliness, grief, isolation, guilt, and adjustment. 

Child-birth is a major life-event and brings with it a number of changes that can directly impact a woman’s mental health. Although having a baby is meant to be a happy period in a woman’s life, new mothers often feel overwhelmed with intense emotions.

New mothers commonly report experiencing a period of re-adjustment - not only are they having to deal with their changing bodies and hormones, they are also dealing with the loss of independence, and experiencing changes in their financial status and their close relationships. Dealing with these emotional difficulties whilst taking care of their child can be extremely challenging for new mothers. This group aims to provide a space for mothers to share their experiences, learn from each other, and ultimately feel less alone in their journey.


  • A safe and nurturing environment where a number of issues related to the post-natal period can be discussed and explored
  • An opportunity to learn why they are experiencing emotional difficulties during this time and what they mean
  • A space for mothers to normalize their experiences by sharing them with one another
  • Social support to combat feelings of grief, anxiety, sadness, loneliness and isolation
  • Their very own therapeutic tool-kit and understanding of the importance of self-care alongside caring for their baby

Support Group Etiquette:

Participation and respect for the group and for others is important. Please ensure that your video camera is turned on for the full duration of the group, just as you would if you were seeing others face-to-face for an in-person group. Admission into the group will close 10 minutes after it has started. We thank you in advance and look forward to welcoming you.

Facilitated by

Dr. Summer Fakhro

Dr. Summer Fakhro

Clinical Psychologist