Infertility Online Support Group for Men

06 Jun 2023
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Adults (18 Yrs+)
Event type
Other Support Group

In partnership with IVF Support UAE, this new online support group is a space to bring men together to find support for themselves and others, and to better understand the impact of male infertility and IVF on personal wellbeing.

When it comes to fertility treatments such as IVF and other assisted fertility interventions, the focus is often on the woman undergoing the procedures. However, it’s important to acknowledge that men are also deeply affected by this journey. Male factor infertility also causes many emotional and physical challenges. At our support group, we understand the unique challenges faced by men/male partners and offer a safe space for support, understanding, and guidance.

Men experience a range of emotions throughout the fertility treatment process. They may feel: Stress and anxiety, frustration and helplessness, guilt and self-blame, and/or grief and loss.

Benefits of attending this support group are that participants will:

  • Share Experiences: Connect with other men who understand the emotional complexities of fertility treatments and share their own experiences.
  • Gain Perspective: Engage in open discussions to gain insight and perspective from others who have been through similar challenges.
  • Emotional Support: Receive empathy, encouragement, and validation from a community that truly understands.
  • Learn Coping Strategies: Access valuable coping strategies and tools to manage stress and navigate the ups and downs of the fertility journey.
  • Mental Health Professionals: Benefit from guidance provided by a psychologist experienced in fertility-related concerns.

Facilitated by

Dr. Tara Wyne

Dr. Tara Wyne