How to Cope with Feelings of Loneliness

15 June 2021















How to deal with moments of loneliness and turn moments alone into positive moments of self-care.

  1. Remember that feelings come and goYour feelings are not permanent, they come and go like waves visiting the shore. Remind yourself that this feeling of loneliness is a visitor and that if you acknowledge its presence, it will subside. Become a gentle observer of your feelings. Instead of latching on to the feeling of loneliness, rather observe it from a distance and allow it to move through you.

  2. Seek out the treasures in being alone

    Spending time with yourself does not need to be a daunting experience. Get curious and creative about being in your own space. Being alone allows you to dictate the rhythm of your day (e.g. when to go to the gym, listen to music, read your book or take a nap).

  3. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude through journaling
    Journaling in the evenings can be a great way to reflect on daily experiences. Paying attention to the smaller moments which brought about feelings of connectedness in your day (e.g. making someone smile; having a stranger help carry your groceries; receiving a thoughtful text from a friend). Savouring in these basic pleasures can bring about feelings of gratitude.

  4. Get connected
    Make an intention to socialize at least once a week. Say ‘yes’ more often to opportunities to connect. Have something to look forward to by planning one fun-filled activity a week, such as meeting up with a friend for a coffee, going to watch a movie or a taking a long walk. If you live away from your loved ones, arrange a Skype date at least once a week.

  5. Take up a hobby
    Find creative ways to keep loneliness at bay. When you are engaged in enjoyable activities you are less inclined to feel lonely and bored. Arts and crafts exercises can be a fun way to spend time alone (e.g. buy an adult colouring-in book; learn how to crochet; create a collage or your very own vision board).

    If you are struggling with loneliness, we are here to help. Please consider one of our Support Groups (view our Event calendar) or contact us for an appointment with one of our therapists on T. +971 (0)4 380 2088.  

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