Community Service Agenda

The LightHouse Arabia was founded in 2011 by clinical psychologists Dr. Saliha Afridi, and Dr. Tara Wyne with one mission: to raise mental health awareness and provide quality, accessible mental health care services in a sustainable way. With the community at its heart, The LightHouse Arabia was founded and since inception, the private practice funds all of the free-of-cost and low cost mental health support offerings for the community. To-date, the team have provided thousands of hours of free community support to the UAE and the wider region.

Our COVID-19 Response

Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to place a priority on supporting individuals and organizations in the region. In 2020, we  expanded our free-of-cost support groups and educational webinars to accommodate a broader set of needs.

For full details of our services and offerings for schools, hospitals, and organizations ranging from educational webinars to skill-building workshops to online therapy, Emotional Wellbeing Check-ups and support groups, please visit our COVID-19 Response services here

Responding where the need is greatest

When global or regional issues have become highly personal for the community such as the Black Lives Matter movement, the Beirut explosion, deadly surge in COVID-19 cases in India, Palestine-Israel crisis, and civil unrest in South Africa, we have answered the call as a beacon of hope and support  for traumas through online therapy and social media support.

For recordings of our Crisis and Trauma briefings and support seminars (webinars) for the community, please visit our YouTube channel

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Improving Workplace Resilience

We are facilitators of personal transformations that result in healthier, better functioning, and more satisfied employees, who are in greater synergy with their organizations. Learn how our world-class clinical and consulting skills and customized corporate and workplace services can work for you and your teams. 

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