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Let us work with you to raise awareness of mental health issues: to promote the mental wellbeing of children and adults across the UAE, and to remove the barriers to anyone getting the help the need.

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Our team of psychologists and psychiatrists are media savvy and very approachable, and we have worked with Gulf News, Khaleej Times, The National, Alpha, Friday Magazine, Aquarius, VIVA, Women’s Health Middle East, Dubai One TV, and Dubai Eye radio – to name a few.
All members of our team at The LightHouse offer media services.

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In The Media

  • Friends At First Sight?
    Dr. Tara Wyne

    We've all spent time and energy trying to decipher if we have a romantic connection with someone, but figuring out if a potential new friend is into you can be just as tricky. Dr. Tara Wyne, a clinical psychologist at LightHouse Arabia, says the social cues that indicate someone feels a friendship can be just as nuanced.

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  • Patience is the key to dealing with Acute Stress Disorder
    Farah Dahabi,, LCSW (USA)

    Farah Dahabi discusses with the Khaleej Times how grief counselling can often be helpful for sufferers of acute stress disorder.

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  • Divorce is the new marriage so why is it still frowned upon?
    Dr. Tara Wyne, D. Clin. Psy (UK)

    Dr. Tara Wyne speaks to Al Arabiya about the increasing popularity of divorce and how the end of a marriage can be seen as a healthy and positive decision

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