Madeeha Afridi , MA, M.Ed, MFT (US)

Counselor (DHCC branch)

Mindfulness & Meditation Practitioner & Emotional Intelligence Coach

Madeeha Afridi

I believe every person has the human potential and ability for lasting growth and change, and I look forward to being a part of this journey with my clients.

Madeeha Afridi, MA, MEd, MFT is a Counselor at our Dubai Healthcare City branch. She is also a Mindfulness & Meditation Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Coach at The LightHouse Arabia. Madeeha provides meditation training, mindfulness workshops, healing meditations, and emotion coaching to help her clients remove emotional blocks caused by stress, fear, anger, worry, procrastination, and perfectionism. Through a collaborative approach, she creates an environment that is positive, encouraging, and open, in which her clients can unlock the answers within themselves. Madeeha has the ability to create a sense of agency in her clients which allows them to take the necessary steps to achieve their life goals. She also helps her clients develop skills for problem solving and values driven decision making, which helps them gain confidence to live a life that is full of meaning, purpose, and authenticity. 
Madeeha’s qualifications and expertise are in integrating a holistic model of care that blends Western science, and the healing practices and philosophies of the East. 
Madeeha has extensive training and experience in mindfulness and meditation, as well as a personal practice of meditation, which supports to enhance her work with clients. She is also a Licensed Counseling Psychologist in the United States since 2011.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner  
  • Oxford Mindfulness Center Mindfulness In the 21st Century
  • Mindful Schools Practitioner
  • Divine Healing Meditation Practitioner and Trainer
  • MA in Marriage & Family Therapy, Adler School of Professional Psychology, US 2009
  • M.Ed in K-12 School Counselling, DePaul University, US 2011 
  • Licensed by Dubai Health Authority (Counselor at DHCC branch)



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The LightHouse Arabia is a safe and peaceful space to talk through any issues one may have. I saw Madeeha a few years back for help with relationships as well as recently, for my anxiety. I find her approach very effective. Her ability to connect with me and understand me, makes me very comfortable and secure to talk through anything. The calmness I feel talking to her, and I can feel around the clinic, is one that encourages me to always go back should I need it and that helps the healing process. I am forever grateful to Madeeha, and the clinic for all their work that has supported me and gotten me through some very low points.

Lorenna A

I recently joined Madeeha’s ‘Healing through meditation’ and it was an amazing experience. The way she managed the session and explained the concepts was really helpful. The best part was the meditation- it was truly magical and I would recommend it to anyone who is on a healing journey or interested in meditation. 

Lind R.

I had no idea what to expect walking into a meditation session with Madeeha and the experience exceeded my expectations. I’ve started daily meditation following my session and I intend to continue doing so moving forward. It has helped me with processing my thoughts and feelings. Overall my energy feels so much lighter. Thank you Madeeha for providing such a safe and welcoming space.

Zoey I.

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