Raymee Grief Center

No one has to grieve alone.

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Saliha Afridi and Dr. Tara Wyne to give everyone in the UAE the opportunity to grieve in a supportive and understanding environment, The Raymee Grief Center is run by expert clinicians and grief specialists at The LightHouse Arabia. Today, it remains the only grief support center in the Gulf region. 

We are honored to offer services for individuals and groups, as well as corporate and community services.

All of our individual and group services are free-of-charge and include confidential Grief Consultations and a range of Grief support groups such as Motherless DaughtersAdult Grief support, Little Lifetimes for pregnancy & infant loss. Partner Loss, and Surviving After Loss to Suicide (SALS). 

To register for any of our Grief support groups, please visit our Events page. Kindly note, a one-time Grief Consultation is required prior to joining a Grief support group. 

To schedule your complimentary 60-minute Grief Consultation, please contact us on T. +971 (0)4 380 2088.

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We're here to help.

For schools, hospitals, private and public organizations, we offer Crisis Response Services following a traumatic event that has taken place. All of these services are faciliated by a licensed psychologist that specializes in grief and trauma.

Critical Incident Briefings (CIB) are suitable for large group support, for employees (up to 1,000) who have been impacted directly or indirectly by a crisis or major incident. The 1-hour briefing teaches healthy ways of coping with an overwhelming experience, and how to  support one another. 

Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD) are a structured 7-phase group intervention (smaller group support of up to 15 individuals), for those who have had a similar degree of proximity to the incident. They are typically 60 - 90 minutes in length. 

Grief training equips participants with the ability to identify common grief reactions, learn principles for guiding grief, and how to support someone who is grieving. Trainings can be customized to your organization’s unique needs.

We also offer Bereavement Policy Guidance for schools and organizations. 

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