Whether you need a quote for a magazine feature, a regular columnist for your newspaper, or an interview for a radio show, we can provide the words, opinion and expertise.
Let us work with you to raise awareness of mental health issues: to promote the mental wellbeing of children and adults across the UAE, and to remove the barriers to anyone getting the help the need.

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Our team of psychologists and psychiatrists are media savvy and very approachable, and we have worked with Gulf News, Khaleej Times, The National, Alpha, Friday Magazine, Aquarius, VIVA, Women’s Health Middle East, Dubai One TV, and Dubai Eye radio – to name a few.
All members of our team at The LightHouse offer media services.

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In The Media

  • Coping and Adapting in the Time of COVID-19: Expert Advice
    Dr. Ottilia Brown

    As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to change all of our lives, to say that times are challenging and uncertain is something of an understatement. Like most people, you’ve probably been dealing with staying at home alone, juggling home schooling and working from home, fighting to save your business and worrying over money or dealing with cancelled plans and the anxiety of loved ones possibly getting sick.

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  • The Art of Giving… and Receiving
    Dr. Ottilia Brown

    My inspiration for this blog came from my current personal journey of learning to receive. I experience the act of giving materially, emotionally and spiritually as one that comes very naturally to me…

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  • In the year of tolerance, the UAE inspires you to high values
    Dr. Saliha Afridi

    When Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, declared 2019 as a year of tolerance,he wanted to establish the UAE as a global destination to accept the other and open up and emphasize the value of tolerance as a sustainable business through a set of legislation and policies

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