Activity Therapy

what is it?

Also known as talk therapy, Psychotherapy is the general term for spending time with a trained therapist to diagnose and treat mental, emotional and personality problems.

Children often don’t have the ability to express what they are going through or why they are feeling a certain way – or they might just find the act of sitting with a therapist and talking for 45 minutes daunting! Activity therapy uses fun, psychological board games and art to assist children in expressing themselves and learning coping skills.

Who needs it ?

This engaging form of therapy is ideal for children aged five to 12 years who are dealing with any of the following: grief and loss, anger management, ADHD, anxiety, depression, divorce, and physical or mental trauma.

If your child is struggling to put their feelings into words – and up until a certain age they are simply unable to do so – our therapists will encourage them to communicate and express themselves metaphorically through play and toys.

Activity therapy can be used as a primary treatment or an adjunct therapy.


Our therapists use structured activities to encourage your child to express their thoughts and feelings.

During a typical session, which lasts for 45-50 minutes, your child will play with selected games or be asked to perform an activity, all with as few limits as possible. This allows us to learn about the thoughts and emotions your child is struggling to express verbally. As treatment progresses, we will introduce other activities that are specifically related to the issues your child is facing.

Activities used in therapy include:

  • Art
  • Psychological board games
  • Role playing

What is the role of the parent in activity therapy?

Families play a key role in activity therapy, and your involvement can speed up the healing process. Your therapist will communicate regularly with you throughout the treatment, and you may be invited to join your child in a session.

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