Dr. Roberta Fedele

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Roberta Fedele

I firmly believe that the work of the psychologist is to restore individuals’ ability to choose their purposes and guide them to achieve those goals.

With over 10 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, I specialize in using psychodynamic and relational psychotherapy to treat children affected by social, emotional and behavioral problems and adults with a wide range of difficulties, starting from relationships, depression and anxiety to more severe cases, such as OCD.

I also help my clients to improve their parenting strategies, and support spouses while they are going through separation, divorce, adoptions and single-parenting.   My involvement in this area has led me to assist with many cases of abuse within and outside the family unit. Here in Dubai, I also worked with many couples and families to guide them through the difficult process of moving to a new country.

Typically, I begin a client’s therapeutic program by scheduling a few preliminary exploratory meetings, with an aim of gaining an understanding of the problem and mutually agreeing on a treatment path with achievable objectives and milestones along the way.

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