Special Event: Your Mind Matters webinar

12 Oct 2022
10:00 am to 11:00 am
Adults (18 Yrs+)
Event type
Workshops & Seminars

Special Event: Your Mind Matters: A community webinar for World Mental Health Day

What is mental health? What is the difference between good mental health vs. developing a mental health disorder like depression, and how do we discern between the difference of a few sad days vs. depression? Would you be able to identify if someone you love or work with was becoming emotionally unwell?


Your Mind Matters is an eye-opening and foundational seminar that equips people with an understanding of what mental health is, and what it really looks like. It takes a closer look at why there is a worldwide epidemic of poor mental health and empowers individuals on how to safeguard their wellbeing. It is a starting point to begin having critical dialogue around mental health in your personal and professional life.

Facilitated by

Dr. Saliha Afridi

Dr. Saliha Afridi

Clinical Psychologist