Move for Your Mental Health (Special webinar)

02 Nov 2022
11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Adults (18 Yrs+)
Event type
Workshops & Seminars

Special webinar for Dubai Fitness Challenge

Move for Your Mental Health: The Impact of Physical Exercise on your Overall Mental Health and Wellbeing


Most of us are familiar with the physical health benefits of movement and exercise, but did you know that exercising 30 mins a day can improve your mental health and brain health? In fact, the greater, systemic benefits of exercise and their relation to brain health and mental health cannot be understated. Exercise has been proven to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, attention deficit, addictions, while improving mood, focus, energy, sleep, and overall well being. The research is so compelling that medical doctors are writing prescriptions for exercise as part of their treatment for depression, insomnia, Alzheimer’s, anxiety and ADHD.


• The effects of inactivity on mental health and brain health

• The benefits of exercise on mood, stress, brain health, sleep, learning, hormones, creativity, and attention.

• Practical suggestions on how to best incorporate physical activity into your busy days

Facilitated by

Dr. Saliha Afridi

Dr. Saliha Afridi

Clinical Psychologist