Connecting Counselors - Supporting Students to Cope with Loss, Change and Transitions

27 Sep 2021
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Adults (21 Yrs+)
Event type
Workshops & Seminars

The Connecting Counselors event is open to all school counselors and provides an opportunity for learning, information sharing and support in a peer-to-peer environment, facilitated by an expert clinician from The LightHouse Arabia.

Topic: Supporting students to cope with loss, change and transitions.

Change and loss impact each of us differently. It can be reassuring to know that there are things you can do to actively manage the changes. At this online event, counselors will learn more about change and uncertainty, and learn practical skills to support their students to cope with the variety of change or loss that students may encounter.


• Learn the difference between change and transition

• Understand the 3 stages of transition and the feelings associated with each stage

• Gain insight into how to support students with navigating each stage of transition, such as re-entry to school after online learning

• Become aware of the top 5 needs of individuals as they go through change, loss and transition

This is an online event for school counselors. A Zoom link will be shared upon registration.

Facilitated by

Dr. Daniela Salazar

Dr. Daniela Salazar

Clinical Psychologist